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Solar Inverter/ Charge Controller

Solar Charge Controller
Solar charge controller is a solar device needed for monitoring and controlling the charging of battery bank connected to the Solar PV Module. It’s Main function is to limit the rate at which electric current is added or drawn from the batteries. It prevents overcharging & prevents battery from voltage fluctuation which effects battery performance or lifespan or may pose a security risk.


Solar Inverter
The Solar Inverter is a critical component in solar energy system. It performs the conversion of variable DC Output of Photovoltaic (PV) modules into a clean sine wave of 50 AC current that is applied directly to the commercial electrical grid or to a local of grid solar network.

Our solar inverter is a combination of an inverter, battery charger & transfer switch into one complete system. The inverter allows optimizing the solar power having extremely low idle current & having option of remotely monitoring the power and battery which helps customers to evaluate the performance of the solar system